The bicycle service Bilbon Bizi has reached one million loans since 2011 and has 2105 with 19,824 users

The delegate of Circulation, Transport and Environment of the Bilbao City Council, Alfonso Gil, affirmed that the municipal bicycle loan service Bilbon Bizi has arrived in “four and a half years”, since its launch in 2011, to one million loans and that in 2014 the initiative reached 18,090 users, while in 2015 they reached 19,824.

Gil, who has presented at a press conference a Bilbon Bizi app that since Monday allows to check the availability of bikes and includes options such as odometer or station map, has stated that in June 2015 has reached one million loans.

The councilor has indicated that the service was launched in 2011, which, in his opinion, means that “there is a predisposition for this service.” However, he assured that “a lot has been done, in an important way”, but he “wants to do much more” and that the commitment in the four years of the legislature is that “the bike has more prominence in the street and this data is become obsolete almost immediately “

It has also indicated that last year there were 18,090 users in Bilbon Bizi and this year they have reached 19,824, which means they are “almost” around 20,000. “That’s nothing,” he congratulated himself, while saying that they are “very important data.”

During the press conference, Gil expressed his gratitude to the approximately 1,500 people from Bilbao who cycled through Bilbao this Sunday, “once again demonstrated that in this city, if we put the necessary objective conditions to be able to travel, people will leave. more if possible with the bicycle “.


Everyday use

Gil has ensured that one of the objectives set during the current term is “to try to raise awareness and take measures that will make people see that the use of bicycles and motorcycles have to be practically everyday in the city.”

In that sense, it has been shown “firmly convinced that this will remove cars”, which will cause “less stress”, it will reach “better places” and will contaminate “much less”, a objective in his “fundamental” judgment.

Regarding Bilbon Bizi’s new app, Gil said that “with it, we hope to reach a little bit further”, given that we will have detailed and detailed information on how much CO2 will be saved with your loan. “

The application is free download, will be available on Google Play and the App Store and allow users of the municipal bicycle service to check the availability of both bikes and anchors in each of the points, and know if any of them It is out of service.

It will also have a map with the stations, an odometer, which will also indicate the avoided CO2, information about the main characteristics of the service, the telephone numbers and incidents of the service, help about the app and a warning system that will inform people users when they enter the App for incidents that occur in the service. The App can be configured to be used in both Basque and Spanish.

On the other hand, the tender for two new Bilbon Bizi loan points is underway, which will be located on Epalza Street and on the Avenida del Ferrocarril, next to the Irala elevator. In addition, the point located in Campo de Volantín will be moved to the vicinity of the City Hall, in the building of San Agustín to bring citizens access to municipal offices.


New bicycles

On the other hand, in November it is planned to add 104 new bikes to the service, which will be added to the 200 that currently exist, which means expanding “almost 50%” of the bicycles. Gil has also indicated that “in the coming years, the idea is not only to increase the bike park, but even some of them are already electric”

The new app has been presented within the framework of the European Mobility Week, which takes place from September 16 to 22, this year under the theme “Choose, Change, Combine”.

Gil has affirmed that the “day 22 is very significant” given that it is “The Day without my Car”, so he has asked the citizens of Bilbao to make an effort that day and leave the car at home to those who use it, because there is a magnificent public transport in the city, a magnificent service of loan of bicycles and alternative means so that that day the car is left at home “.

Within the framework of the Week of Mobility, this Monday will be the recount and the failure of the Bilbao Walking Prize that recognizes the work, or values, of people and groups that have contributed and / or contribute to make Bilbao a city more friendly, livable and sustainable.

In addition, the shopping center “El Corte Inglés” in Bilbao and the European Week of Mobility 2015, have prepared, together with the schools in the area -Viuda de Epalza and San Pedro Apóstol- a writing contest with children’s drawings with the intention that the participating girls and boys reflect on how to move around Bilbao.

On the other hand, in the year of its Centennial, the Circulation, Transport and Environment area will apply the free transfer for people who board the Artxanda Funicular from the Bilbobus and who have validated their trip with the Barik card. Also, passengers who validate in Artxanda la Barik can download the Bilbobus line for free.