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2006 Wicked Schedule

We’ve been getting a LOT of queries about our 2006 race schedule! This is great, it looks like a lot of you are looking forward to our 2006 races. We’re currently working out exactly what races we are planning for 2006, and what the race schedule will be. Once we get this figured out, we’ll post our schedule here on the website. If you’d like, we can put you on our Wicked-Racers mailing list, and we’ll send out a notice to you. If you’d like to be on our mailing list, please email us at and let us know your email address and that you’d like to be added to the mailing list.

(NOTE: If you participated in our 2005 races, we’ve got you on the email list already!)

We look forward to seeing you all at our 2006 races!

Here’s the old information about our 2005 Wicked Adventure Sprint Series races.

Wicked Trail Maintenance Party – Jan 14, 2006

Start: 2006-01-14 09:00
End: 2006-01-14 14:00
Tarbell Trails – Rock Creek Campground – WA (map coming soon)

Who: Wicked Adventure Racing and the Department of Natural Resources have joined together to co-sponsor two volunteer trail work parties. We encourage students, individuals, families, and groups of friends to join us to clear the trails we all enjoy.

Welcome to Wicked Adventure Racing

We produce sports events in the rugged and beautiful Pacific Northwest, a venue arguably custom made for Adventure Racing. Our races are designed to be highly challenging for accomplished racers, while still accessible to beginners. Check out our Ethos on racing and the environment for more details.

We produce Adventure Races, Trail Runs, Mountain Bike Races, Ropes Training, Navigation Training, Paddling Training, and other events related to the technical skills required for Adventure Racing.

Our events are produced by Adventure Racers for Adventure Racers. We love the sport and are excited to be contributing to the fast-growing and dynamic sport of Adventure Racing.